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  • Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. - Omicron Sigma Chapter
    • Alpha Alpha Epsilon (Inland Empire Alumni)
    • Alpha Beta Delta (Christian Brothers Univ.)
    • Alpha Beta Sigma (Houston, TX Alumni)
    • Alpha Beta Tau (Kennesaw St. Univ.)
    • Alpha Chi Sigma
    • Alpha Delta Sigma (Kansas City, MO Alumni)
    • Alpha Eta (Florida A&M Univ.)
    • Alpha Lambda (Xavier Univ.)
    • Alpha Lambda Alpha (Texas A&M Univ.)
    • Alpha Theta Sigma (Fort Worth Alumni)
    • Alpha Xi Alpha (E. Tennessee St. Univ.)
    • Alpha Zeta (Alcorn State Univ.)
    • Beta Beta Sigma (San Antonio, TX Alumni)
    • Beta Beta Theta (American University)
    • Beta Chi (Lincoln Univ.)
    • Beta Lambda (Brooklyn College)
    • Beta Lambda Sigma (Tallahassee Alumni)
    • Beta Psi Sigma (White Plains, NY Alumni)
    • Beta Rho (Tougaloo College)
    • Beta Rho Sigma (Charlotte Alumni)
    • Delta Rho (Univ. of Michigan)
    • Delta Theta (Prairie View A&M)
    • Epsilon Chi Sigma (Chicago, IL Alumni)
    • Epsilon Epsilon Sigma (Seattle/Tacoma Alumni)
    • Epsilon Iota (Indiana Univ.)
    • Epsilon Kappa Sigma (LaMarque, TX Alumni)
    • Epsilon Omicron (Ohio Univ.)
    • Epsilon Sigma (New York Alumni)
    • Eta (North Carolina A&T Univ.)
    • Eta Beta (Univ. of Mississippi)
    • Eta Gamma (Univ. of Missouri-Columbia)
    • Eta Psi Sigma (Springfield, IL Alumni)
    • Eta Rho Sigma (Huntsville, TX Alumni)
    • Gamma Eta Sigma (Tampa Alumni)
    • Gamma Rho Sigma (Queens & Long Island NY Alumni)
    • Iota Lambda (Univ. of New Orleans)
    • Iota Mu Sigma (Arlington Alumni)
    • Iota Nu Sigma (Chicago Alumni)
    • Iota Rho (Univ. of Central Florida)
    • Kappa Alpha Sigma (Stone Mountain, GA)
    • Kappa Chi (Univ. of Tennessee)
    • Kappa Lambda (Univ. of Washington)
    • Kappa Xi (Cornell Univ.)
    • Kappa Zeta (Auburn Univ.)
    • Lambda Iota Sigma (San Diego Alumni)
    • Lambda Lambda (Penn. State Univ.)
    • Lambda Lambda Sigma (Trenton, NJ Alumni)
    • Mu Beta Sigma (Little Rock, AR Alumni)
    • Mu Epsilon (Florida State Univ.)
    • Mu Kappa (Unv. of W. Alabama)
    • Mu Nu (Virginia Tech Univ.)
    • Mu Rho (University of Texas)
    • Nu Eta Sigma (Tokyo, Japan)
    • Nu Gamma (Grand Valley State Univ.)
    • Nu Gamma Sigma (Bellville IL Alumni)
    • Nu Pi Sigma (Rockford, IL Alumni)
    • Nu Sigma (Philadelphia Alumni)
    • Nu Upsilon (Univ. of S. California)
    • Omicron Iota (Old Dominion Univ.)
    • Omicron Sigma (Lewisville, TX)
    • Phi Beta Sigma (Los Angeles Alumni)
    • Phi Beta Sigma Sigma (Atlanta, GA Alumni)
    • Pi Kappa
    • Pi Mu (Western Carolina Univ.)
    • Pi Xi (Texas State Univ.)
    • Psi (Clark Atlanta Univ.)
    • Psi Beta Sigma (Austin Alumni)
    • Rho Beta (Univ. of NC Greensboro)
    • Rho Chi (SW Missouri State Univ.)
    • Rho Tau (George Mason Univ.)
    • Sigma Sigma Sigma (Washington DC Metro Alumni)
    • Tau (University of Louisville)
    • Thelta Alpha (Henderson State Univ.)
    • Theta Beta Sigma (New Orleans, LA)
    • Theta Chi (UT-Arlington)
    • Theta Delta (Univ. of Alabama)
    • Theta Iota (Mississippi State Univ.)
    • Theta Mu Sigma (Dallas Alumni)
    • Theta Nu (Univ. of Southern Arkansas)
    • Theta Pi (Louisiana Tech. Univ.)
    • Theta Rho (Sam Houston State Univ.)
    • Upsilon Sigma (Chicago Alumni)
    • XI Beta Sigma (Detroit, MI Alumni)
    • Xi Delta (Univ. of Oklahoma)
    • Xi Pi (College of New Jersey)
    • Zeta Alpha (TN. State Univ.)
    • Zeta Beta Sigma (Fayetteville Alumni)
    • Zeta Delta Sigma (Hampton, Va Alumni)
    • Zeta Eta (Univ. of Virginia)
    • Zeta Kappa (Univ. of Florida)
    • Zeta Nu (Univ. of Georgia)
    • Zeta Phi (Purdue Univ.)
    • Zeta Upsilon (Univ. of Maryland, Batimore County)
    • Zeta Zeta (Univ. of Houston)
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